Helenton Professional range completes the line of hair care products with higher quality items, such as shampoo, silicone concentrate hair drops, oxidising creams and hair gels. In Helenton Hair Care collection are hair conditioner, hair shampoos, and hair dye shampoos that are perfetly formulated for everyone.

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Chemical Industry Luxol a.d. from Zrenjanin, Serbia was founded in 1884 as a workshop for the production of soaps and candles. In time completes the range with perfumes and cosmetics. Factory over the years modernizes and expand its production capacity. Today, the manufacturing plants and warehouses occupied area of 7,000 m2.

In 1968 Luxol began to work with Cosmetics company “Helene Curtis” from Chicago USA, and since then produces under license and Helenton cosmetic line. In the laboratory for control and development, besides controlling all raw materials and finished products, it develops a new products. Factory owns certified quality system according to ISO 9001:2000 standard.




Helenton hair care products are high quality cosmetics , whose best recommendation is consumer’s satisfaction. Whether you choose color shampoo or hair color or conditioner, your hair will be smoother, silkier and glossy thanks to the high value nutrients we use to make our Helenton collection.


Women love it, and men don’t deny that this is one of the best products on the market in Serbia and Balkan. Thanks to proteins, Top balsam makes your hair silky, smooth and glossy and, last but not least, easy to comb without any pain. The best recommendations come from our costumers.



Luxol Antiperutin shampoo is one of the most efficient anti dandruff shampoos in Serbia for decades. It has been proven that Antiperutin removes dandruff from your hair and off of your skin shortly after first hairwash and it does not irritate your skin.


Luxol Company was founded as a soap and candles manufacturer, but in time has become one of the biggest hair cosmetics manufacturer with great tradition. Made from various types of honey and kleka herb specifically for Marshal Joseph Broz Tito, Marshal soap is based on essential oils. It is considered one of the best products that was produced in Zrenjanin.


In it’s long tradition, Luxol Zrenjanin has long list of great products, such as quality hair cosmetics, but also several household chemical products. Also, in our factory are made high quality color shampoos and color cremes.

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