The new owner returns Luxol to the market

The information that the former Luxol factory got a new owner, and that during the preparations for the start of production, a dose of optimism was introduced in Zrenjanin, especially among those who still recall the former industry in our city today. On the shelves in supermarkets and drugstores, Luxol’s “top” products have long been in for a long time, among which are Helenton and Top Balsam. Many women claim that today they well remember the recognizable scent of balsams, which with their quality and effect were better than much more expensive brands. In a conversation with Dejan Rajic, the director of Luxol, the first after a five-year break and the arrival of a new owner, we learned information that is important both for the business environment, traders, and for end consumers.

– The rumors are correct. Last year, Zrenjanin’s company “Raca” took over the management of Luxol. In the capacity of a good neighbor, which is the essence of the spirit of the multicultural Zrenjanin, the management of that company “Raca” decided to make a step further and “interfere” with the event. I can confirm that Luxol is now in a safe harbor – we are fixing the bow, stern, deck, and we will soon sail to the truth, says Dejan Rajic at the beginning of the conversation.

Novi vlasnik vraća Luxol na tržište

What did you receive after taking office as director, in what condition did you find the factory? If we are talking about a market situation, what is the perspective?

Dejan Rajic: I think the factory was taken at the last minute. After a five-year bankruptcy, in a situation where a significant part of the building collapsed and collapsed, and most machines in a similar state, you can not say: Tomorrow we start production! Since November, reconstruction has been done, starting from roofs, construction works and infrastructure. Parallel work is done on reparation of machines, additional automation and procurement of new lines. To begin with, we selected a central group of connected objects on the land we are equipping, both for offices, warehouses, and for production. All this needs to be done carefully and precisely in order to fulfill the legal obligations and all the norms for the resertifications that are necessary for the placement of our products in the EU.

If we are talking about a market situation, what is the perspective?

Dejan Rajic: As far as the position on the market is concerned – it does not exist. We’re starting from scratch. It’s great that in the city itself we have two great trading chains, BB and Gomex, who are willing to help and do the great thing for us and for the city. With promised support from their side, everything will be much simpler. Thank you for understanding and for the support they have always provided to the local economy.

What are these days in the factory, when it comes to final preparations for starting production?

Dejan Rajić: We finish all the works, we have entered into new agreements with suppliers, we are talking to potential customers, we make the final schedule of activities by the end of the year and finally, after a long time, we enjoy the smile again on these few hectares.

How useful is the used equipment, how many drives, the overall infrastructure? How much investment is needed for the factory to start working again?

Dejan Rajić: All this equipment is usable as much as we need to fill the capacity. We certainly did reparations of all the machines that are necessary and which we count. We have also set up new lines that are currently being tested, and we expect a completely new drive to arrive in the spring. We have improved the infrastructure to the usability level, and the complete calculation will be “on the table” only after completing everything that is foreseen in the next phases.

To what extent do you plan production?

Dejan Rajic: Luxola’s strategy is such that we plan what is difficult as long as it’s easy, and we do what’s big while it’s still a little bit. The idea is to become a regionally unavoidable brand that will make a difference for its consumers, and when this idea is recognized, capacity will always be insufficient.

Will the recognizable products of Luxola work, or will you be facing the modern trends and needs of the modern consumer?

Dejan Rajić: In March we visited Bologna and one of the world’s biggest beauty fairs. Believe what Luxol will offer to our consumer will be a value-added product, a product that definitely has no problem finding it on the shelves in Turin, Lugano or London. Due to the magic of the whole process, we will retain brands with the existing names Top Balsam, Antiperutin, Paraho, Helenton, and enjoy the revolution of new-old products.

What kind of expectations do you have about positioning brands?

Dejan Rajic: We will definitely find our position. It’s important to die young – later on. Our brands are always young. It was used by our grandmothers, so mom, so here we are, and our daughters will use it, believe it. It’s like a concert by Zdravko Colic – all generations of lady are present and they are all having good fun, and none of them bothered about this other, and each one finds for himself what she needs. Such is the Top Balsam for you. Or Helenton’s collection, the same story.

What is the profile of a future buyer / user of Luxol products?

Dejan Rajic: First of all, it’s a smart consumer. Consumers who are not blinded by advertising and noise by multimegaloman corporations. It is a consumer whose product quality is more important than whether the product was used by an elite world, it is a consumer who is important to receive a recommendation from, say, a neighbor, that is, a consumer who appreciates the value of each product in its effect, and a consumer with a That’s it. You also know that a clever man solves problems one by one, and there are no dumb problems at all. We need one who knows that he has some needs, and in our products he finds a solution for them. These were once Luxol’s consumers, and I’m sure they are still around us.

Top Balzam

Looking at current business entities in this industry, is competition big? How to get Luxol?

Dejan Rajić: The competition is huge. If you pay attention to any block of the EPP at a hitting point tonight, you will see that the actors are at least 40% of the total number of commercials from our industry. However, fame is the poison that should be taken in small doses, all of which is far from normal. Our path is different and he will be recognized. I look with our consumers in the same direction, watch what they look at and do not refer them to the darkness where we sell them light. It is known that big hearts love, and little ones want to be loved. Our products have always been great, and I am convinced they will be, in the years ahead. Among other things, we are distinguished by a specific design. At that time, it was brilliantly designed by then the largest and most constructive independent regional agency, whose owner is otherwise Zrenjaninac. Now we are working with a local young and fast-moving team, which we have put in the cloud of expectation with the mutual attitude that fearful love is not some kind of love.

When it comes to labor, what is the extent to which employment can be expected?

Dejan Rajic: We believe that with Luxol, a serious number of families in the bar will be taken care of. There is no doubt that this will be soon and that growth will be observed in the time that is ahead of us. You know how, we can not help everyone, but anyone can help someone. What we are sure to do is to bring back the city and the region of Luxol, which stands out as a beauty lighthouse since 1884. This lighthouse will be lit by many, I firmly believe.

Source: Portal IloveZrenjanin